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The Help You Need During Life-Changing Times

The end of a relationship combines inevitable results with emotionally charged issues. You need a lawyer who will help you make good decisions based on the facts. At Hooks Law, P.C., my clients receive personalized attention and individualized strategies based on the specific issues surrounding their family law cases.

Family law issues require resolution. Hooks Law, P.C. provides effective legal representation for all matters affecting families and finances. Every case receives personalized attention, and you will always speak directly with the attorney.
Proactive steps during the, if applicable, one-year separation are used to find cooperative ways to resolve divorce-related disagreements before they become disputed courtroom arguments.
The end of a parental relationship can result in uncertainty, discord, and high emotions. Hooks Law, P.C. handles all issues related to child custody, whether from the initial dispute or modification of an order that has been in existence for years.